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Arizona Attractions

Arizona, known for its place in the Wild West, mining and sunshine, has many more wonders, tourist attractions or destinations. For most people that visit, they come for specific reasons, events or what they consider attractions.

Tourism defines a destination as an area, which has some attractions and earns money from tourism and an attraction is a place, which attracts tourism. Arizona, and more specifically some cities are more determined to become tourist destinations by providing the five "A's": Access, Accommodation, Attractions, Activities, and Amenities. While touring Arizona, we always recommend you find a destination that you can use as a base of operations for the different attractions that you are interested in visiting.

Types of Attrations

When it comes to attractions in Arizona, you might not find a place like Disney World or Sea World; however, all over Arizona you will find all kinds of attractions that you might find is an interest.

Some of the following types of attractions you will find here in Arizona:

  • Purpose Built - These types of attractions are man made places that are built to attract people. They are fun, enjoyable and designed for many different reasons. Museums, zoo's and some public gardens are a good example of purpose built attractions

  • Natural Attractions - These types of attractions are naturally created. They are areas that may have facilities for visitors, and maybe charged a fee. They also may provide for many activities such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, fishing, kayaking, boating, nature watching and photography. Places like Parks, preserves, lakes, and canyons are all examples of Natural Attractions.

  • Events as Attractions - Event Type attractions are just that, they are events that often bring lots of people together for a specific theme. This type of attraction is usually an annual event, advertised across the state of Arizona or in multiple states, to that share the interest (or theme) or the event. Renaissance Fairs, State/county fairs, expos or cultural type events are good examples.

  • Heritage Attractions - Heritage type attractions are places that are historic. They can be Man-made or Natural locations that participated in history. They can be parks, buildings or even cities. Usually the purpose is to share the history or participation of said location, building, etc in an historical event.

View Arizona's Attractions.

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