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Emergency Numbers

Please print this page out so You can have it when you need it.

This information is gathered from various sources and because telephone #'s can be change we can not guarantee that this information will be the latest, please check back here on a routine basis and verify the updated date, as we will be updating this information as it is received.

Local #
800 #
Comcare Crisis Services (602) 222-9444 (800) 631-1314
Community Information & Referral Services
A United Way agency - 24 hours
(602) 263-8856 (800) 352-3792
Crime Stop-Phoenix Police Department (602) 262-6151
EMPACT - Suicide/Crisis Hotline (602) 784-1500
Tri-City Community Resource Project
(Information and Referrals)
(602) 964-6878

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