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Arizona's Pets and Wild Animals Page

Welcome to Exploring Arizona's Animal Section. This section of our website is very special to us for it helps us provide information for our visitors/residents and their 4-legged loved ones in regards with:
Blue Eyed House Cat

  • living in the state;
  • exploring the state;
  • tips and articles relating to pets or pet related issues;
  • pet organizations;
  • as well as other miscellaneous information.

As with our other sections, this section will start out with the basics and grow, so check back often. If you have a pet related issue, tips, organization or articles that we believe might be interesting to our visitors regarding our "four legged" loved ones. please let us know.

Lets start off, owning a pet in Arizona is a lot different then in most states. To keep our furry little friends safe in Arizona, we have provided the following information so that you, as a responsible owner, can make intelligent choices which are best for your furry friend. We hope each section will provide the information that your looking for, if not, please contact us and let us know what your looking for.

State and County Laws

No matter if your visiting or moving to Arizona, we suggest you check out the laws of Arizona. Doing a little research will save you and your pet, time, stress and possible fines. A.R.S. §11-1008 delegated the autority for regulating the ownership of dogs and cats to the various Arizona counties, so make sure to know which counties you are planning to visit or live, so that you apply for dog licenses immediately upon arrival. For more information check out our Pets Legal Page

What Pets Can I Have?

With all the different types of animals that people want to keep as pets, Arizona has some specific laws on what types of animals can be kept as pets. AZ Fish and Game has the authority for regulations on what constitutes "wildlife" so if you have anything besides dogs, cats, lizards, non-commercial birds, or goats, you should contact them. For more information check out our What Animals are Considered Pets Page

Keeping Pets in Vehicles?

Every year, due to Arizona's extreme heat, some people (both visitors and residents) have been guilty with leaving pets in their vehicles. Reasons vary from "just running in", "I was only going to be a minute" to "I forgot he/she was in the vehicle" and every year, we usually have at least one needlessly death. While it is legal to leave your pet alone in the vehicle under certain circumstances, DON'T!!!! Counties and Cities have various laws on this subject and you can find a list on Pets Legal Page. In addition, a lot of pet owners have strong feelings on the course of action when they see a animal in a vehicle by themself, so even if it is legal, sometimes people will take actions into their own hand. Arizona Pet Owners sometimes consider this abuse (especially during a hot day) and can be very protective over animals, even if its not theres, so be forwarned.

Service Animals

Arizona does have a service animal law (A.R.S. 11-1024) which covers all parts of definining a service animal, rights of individuals with disabilities; violation; fraudulent misrepresentation; and civil penalty.

Basically, under Arizona law and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities may bring their service animals to all "public accommodations,". For more information regarding this subject, check out our Service Animal Page

In addition, we will continue our endeaver to list information on Arizona’s wildlife. As we grow our directory of animals, we will also be providing references, resources and links to businesses that we believe is important to visitors as well as residents regarding different types of wildlife that you may encounter, either while exploring or around your home.

We hope each section will provide the information that your looking for, if not, please contact us and let us know what your looking for.


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