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Arizona, known for its wild, wild, west gunfights, desert landscape, sports and desert heat, it might just surprise you that all over Arizona you can shop and find some great treasure. Whether your a resident or a visitor to Arizona, all you have to do is explore the region and most likely you find something you will enjoy.

The country, general stores, and locally-owned downtown shops play a big role in the fabric of Arizona’s shopping. Cities like Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tucson offer all the cosmopolitan shopping that other cities do, while suburban shopping areas like Tempe, Chandler Flagstaff have both indoor as well as outdoor shopping centers with modern, clean surroundings with updated and fully stocked chain stores.

Shopping isn't just about malls - although we have those, too! Take the time to explore our independent shops, antique galleries, and bookstores. If the classic "Mom and Pop" stores appeal to your liking, then all one has to do is travel outside of the major cities to find the truly unique places to shop. These true-to-form county stores sells clothing, candles, kitchen gadgets, furniture, old fashioned fudge, and desert made foods. In most of Arizona’s small towns, you can find products like authentic cowboy boots, Native American jewelry and Arizona made foods like“Prickly Pear Cactus Candy”, “Homeboy’s Hot Sauce”, “Crocketts’s Desert Honey”, “Goldwater’s Bisbee Barbecue Sauce” and “Arizona Snack Company’s Golden Caramel Corn Nuggets”.

Whatever your retail cup of tea, Arizona's shopping scene is as diverse as its wonderful topography. Near the mountains, lakes, country roads, suburbia and the cities resides a shopping experience that ranges from the familiar to the unique. In a nutshell, there's shopping for every taste, every generation and every need in Arizona.

Arizona provides some of the best places to shop, whether your looking for a antique music box or a painting of a Hopi Woman...

We have tried to put together a page of some of the best places for people to visit for shopping.

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