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Looking to help fight SPAM?

Most people think that we can't reduce the amount of "SPAM", but they are wrong! With everyones help, we can cut it down to a minimum.

What Can I Do?

Act! Do something! And don't just delete the message. By doing nothing or just deleting the message, your actually helping the Scammer/Spammer! By doing one of the following, you can help fight against them and in some cases cost them money, time and aggravation.

  • Block the sender - Some email services don't allow people to send email if even "ONE" of the emails is invalid or cannot be sent, if you do nothing, then they might be able to still send email., by blocking the sender, you might be able to stop them from sending it to you as well as others.
  • Report it - One of the best ways to fight "SPAM" is to report it to YOUR Phone Company, ISP/Online Service and the Federal Trade Commision. (see below on how to do this). If your ISP/Online Service bans the domain name from where it comes from, then that might cut down as well (Caution, should be taken on doing this, if they ban the whole domain then you might not get any emails from that domain, even if you want to.
         If they ban a domain like "excite" or "yahoo" then you may not get any email from friends that have email through there service.
  • Forward it - Forwarding the Spam to the FTC Automatically:
    Using Outlook or Outlook Express, you can set up mail rules automatically to forward certain email with certain words. An example of this would be the words "hot sex". All email that contains the "hot sex" or "viagra" in the subject line, could be forward to law enforcement.
  • Don't Respond - Unless you know a company is a legitimate organization, YOU should never respond to the sections that says something like: "To be removed from this mailing/email list, click here:" or it may say "If You do not wish to receive this mailing, send a blank email, (might say to put remove in the subject line) to the following address.

For more information on Scammers/email scams or who to contact regarding some other types, check out our "Spam Organizations page.

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