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The Music Page

Welcome to our music page! While most people are promoting music on youtube.com or such, we wanted our music page to be a little bit different. Here you will find some of the special tributes, fun things (dealing with music, and anything else that we believe you might enjoy.

If you know of any music (or items that contain) that you believe should be listed, send our Promotional Staff an email with all the information and we will try to post it here.

Online Concerts

  • Goldstar - While tickmaster might be your go-to place for concert tickets, Goldstar list online concerts as well as other podcasts that Ticketmaster may not. They even allow you to look for a certain city for events
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Did You Know?

Vettix.org provides tickets to all kinds of events. Once registered all you haave to log into the system, look to see if your concert/event is listed and request them if they are. I have seen events get listed on the day of the even and you usually can get up to four (4) tickets for a small service fee.

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