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Racing in Arizona

Race Car

Racing in Arizona has become an American pastime for both the tourist and local alike. With over 300 days of sunshine, Arizona is known for its beautiful weather. No matter which region of the state you're in, your not far from a location to enjoy some form of racing adventure.

From NASCAR to horse racing, drag racing to speed boats, downhill skiing to motorcycles you will find it in here in the Arizona.

One of the newest trends that is becoming more popular is Indoor Go Kart Racing. While outdoor Go Kart racing has been enjoyed for years at places like Sun splash, as this sport becomes more popular with teens (and adult-kids), indoor racetracks are popping up all over the valley.

Looking for something new and exciting, try Blokart racing. While normally used on sandy locations around the world, the sport is developing as a competitive international sport with organized racing including national championships.

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