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Welcome to the Exploring Arizona's Help A Veteran Page

Help a Veteran this season!.

As the holiday season approaches us, we get so involved with planning activities with our families and friends that we often forget or overlook those that face the hardships of life.

Can You Understand My Pain?

Some of these people are veterans that gave their time, their minds, and sometimes part of their lives to protect us so that we can live the life that we have.

During this time of reflection, we have found that there are many people (especially veterans) that are homeless, close to being homeless, going without food, can't pay utilities or other basic needs that we all need to survive. Some of these brave men and women have been wounded and embarrassed by society that they can't even ask for help (sometimes rather commit suicide) or put up a front to those that they know to the point, that we don't see the "hints" that they are starving, in desolate times or the hardships they are going through. We have found, that most people believe that the government agencies, food banks and other "programs" set up to help our Military Brothers and Sisters, are available, however that sometimes:

  • "Red Tape" and "time to get benefits" for assistance program take too long;
  • Disabilities or other causes disqualify assistance;
  • Funds are not available;
  • Adequate information is not presented or giving to those that need it.

Issues like these have caused some veterans more problems (especially to the disabled or those that need it desperately). We have read that some veterans have suffered (both mentally and physically), as well as taken their own lives, most likely due to not getting the help when they needed it most.

Who Can I Turn To?

We believe we have all seen the commercials about giving back to our Military Brothers and Sisters when they come back from serving, and ExploringArizona wants to do our part to help those that have protected us.

While we can't help everyone, we can help at least one person at a time get back on their feet, get back some dignity they most likely lost, so that maybe they can survive and obtain a new outlook on life, knowing that someone cares. By helping one person at a time get their life's basic needs taking care of, we can have a major significance on their survival and possible avoid deathly consequences.

ExploringArizona has set up a special promotion and will dedicate "100%" of all funds received (via links provided) to help our Military Brothers and Sisters. Our goal is to collect $3000.00 per individual to help them with any of the following:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Medical Costs.

We ask all visitors to help us help others and give any amount that they can. As we go into the holiday season, we ask everyone to take a moment and remember that one cup of Starbucks coffee (for 25 people) could help feed a family for a month or that one lunch at a restaurant can help pay for utilities.


Together, we can make a huge difference!

All Arizona Businesses that:

Special Promotion:

Winter 2023
Small Businesses, Family Businesses, and all in between! During this special promotion, you can have your digital business card (or Advertising Card) displayed on either a "Subject" or "City" main page for 1 year for $199. We will only be displaying one (1) card per main category.
  • Painters
  • Landscapers
  • Handyman
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Restaurants
    (subject to our discretion per category)
  • Fitness Centers/Trainers
  • Massage Therapist
  • Hairstylists
  • Boutiques
  • House Cleaning
  • Child Care
  • Photographers
  • Pet Services
    (subject to our discretion per category)
  • Pest Services
This program was developed to help as many Veterans as we can! To have your business card/advertising card displayed, please contact us at so that payment arrangements can be made.
Help Us Share This Special Promotion

  • Give a donation will be listed on our Special Recognition Page;
  • Give a donation of $250.00 or above will receive a free full page advertisement [ EXAMPLE ] for a year.
  • Give a donation of at least $500.00 or above will receive the above and will receive a free City Page Sponsorship [ EXAMPLE ] in one city they reside in.

The following donation buttons are provided for your convenience:





Special Fundraiser

We are trying to help a special veteran who is in need of housing and legal help. If you donate $25.00 using this special link, these funds will go to this fundraiser. If your are a business and would like the free hosting (some restrictions apply) please contact us at

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Phoenix Rock II
Field Guide to the Grand Canyon
Canyons of the Southwest

*All Books were donated with limited supplies of each. If a book is out we will contact you for a choice of availabilty if available.

World of Dogs Series World of Dogs Series
  • Basic Dog Training
  • Puppy Care
  • Breaking Bad Habits

Understanding Your Cat World of Cats Series
  • Understanding Your Cat


For All Personal Donations

  • Will be recognized on our Special Recognition Page.

The following donation buttons are provided for your convenience:






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