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Arizona's Wildlife Page

Black Bear

Arizona's wildlife is as varied as the state's landscape, scenery, and climate. No matter which part of the state you visit (day or night), you will be within feet of some of Arizona's natural habitat. From the smallest of critters to the largest of mammals, all you need for an encounter is a keen eye and ear (binoculars and flashlights are also useful) and plenty of patience.

As stated, Arizona is home to a vast array of wildlife. You may be familiar with some of the more well-known animals (and critters), such as jackrabbits, roadrunners, rattlesnakes, bald eagles, cardinals, mountain lions, and, of course, scorpions, but there are many more to see.

Also, while more harder to spot, there are several species of reptiles, a fair share of amphibians, and several species of lizards, a wide variety of birds and fish.


Official Animals

List of Arizona's official animals.

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Top 10 Wildlife

AZ's Top 10 wildlife and their habitats

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Viewing Areas

List of places to watch for wildlife.

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Regional Sightings

Sightings in Arizona's regions

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Endangered Species

Arizona's animals that are endangered.

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Living w/ Wildlife

Resources for Living with Wildlife

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Includes all spiders, insects, scorpians, snails, mollusks, and butterflys

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Includes all big animals, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish

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If your looking for wildlife that flys, Arizona is the place to be, for example, Southeastern Arizona supports more species of Hummingbirds than anywhere else in the United States. In Tucson you can find all kinds of bats (remember some bats carries rabies) as well as in caves. Barn Owls, Hawks, Condors, Eagles, Herons, Pelicans, Storks and many other types of birds can be found in various parts of Arizona.

If you're looking for some great places to view some wildlife, be sure to visit some of Arizona’s recreational areas, national and state parks, forests, zoos and riparians.

Remember, that even though you can find a variety of wildlife while out in some of Arizona’s recreational areas, you most likely only need to walk around your neighborhood or backyard to spot some of the most common creatures. However, as more and more houses are built next to open areas, a lot of critters and reptiles are making their way around backyards, and inside garages and houses. Always be vigilant when cleaning or moving stuff as some as we have mentioned, (especially in Arizona), a lot of small critters are venomous.



     Bird Watching

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