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Fighting Spam

Multiple Email Messages

The "Spam" that we are talking about here is the "Unsolicited Commercial Email" type ... Not the food "Spam". Some people will refer to this kind of mail as in "Junk Mail".

Sending or receiving Spam Email is very disruptive to people that receive it. It is email that causes "technical" and "time management" challenges for most consumers and businesses. When someone sends spam to a large group several things happen during this action:

  • Servers are overworked, if one person sends out (usually through a mailing list) to 500 people, and another person sends out the same amount, thats 1000 emails at the same time, if these two people are on one Internet Service Provider then that is making their server work overtime. If you think this is not a problem, multiply it by 100 to 500 people sending out spam, (which is about 5000-25,000 emails all at the same time). This does not include all the people who have to read this "Junk Mail", or the cost of the servers that have to process it.
  • Now think about how many people have to read through this email. Who wants to read through different types of "Junk Mail". In the previous item I listed, think about reading just 500 emails a day, if it wasn't for "spam catching" companies, think about the time it would take to just sort through and delete the junk mail. I can personally state that it takes me 1 hour just to review the email I signed up for, but now, (with everything going virtural) every company is sending out more and more "notices/newsletters".

While I am sure that you are aware of what spam looks like, here is an example of one type. Remember there are many types and some look exactly like a real email from a bank, except the links go to a fake webpage, this is called spoofing

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